Friday, February 1, 2013

Illinois Ice Rink Posts Awesome Sign To Remind Hockey Parents To Chill Out (PHOTO)

When watching your child's hockey game, it's easy to get so wrapped up in the action that you fly into a rage, stomp onto the ice and yell at the ref. Actually, no, that's only happened once (that we're aware of), but nobody in Hoffman Estates, Illinois is taking any chances. In an effort to encourage good sportsmanship amongst hockey moms and dads, their local rink posted a sign reminding them to let kids be, well, kids.

Canadian lawyer Warren Kinsella tweeted a photo of the notice:

The Hoffman Estates Park District's website says the sign was "conceived by General Manager of Ice Operations, Jeff Doschadis, in an attempt to give parents some perspective on youth sports and to encourage sportsmanship like conduct at our ice rinks." And according to Yahoo! Sports blog, Prep Rally, it seems to be working -- it appears there have been no incidents between parents and referees at the arena.

(h/t Yahoo!)

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