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Effective Tweeting: A 10-Point Twitter Checklist - Legal Productivity

Twitter ChecklistTwitter is a great platform for meeting people, building relationships, and keeping up with breaking news. You do this sharing content, including your own blog posts, and engaging. But many drop off after a spirited start. Here?s a Twitter Checklist to help keep you active and engaged.

1. Tweet when your followers are around ? The busy time on Twitter is 8am ? 7pm. Send most of your tweets out during this time.

2. Tweet frequency ? Try to send at least 3 tweets a day. 6-12 tweets per day is plenty. A lot more and you risk diluting the content you share and becoming a ?too-frequent poster? that results in unfollows.

3. Retweet ? Retweets are part and parcel of the Twitter experience. It gets you on someone?s radar who is more likely to retweet one of your updates, sparking conversation and helping tweets to go viral. Include at least 2 interesting retweets per day.

3. Tweet great content ? This includes links and original content. Here?s How To Find Awesome Content For Your Twitter Feeds.

4. Give attribution ? Give Twitter users props for their content by including their Twitter handle. It?s the proper thing to do and builds relationships.

5. Engage ? Twitter is a broadcast medium. It?s also a platform to engage. Many do both and do it well. Some brands broadcast with a sliver of engagement, while personal accounts tend to be more talkative. Engaging means that you spend more time on Twitter, but it makes for a more rewarding experience. Engaging is, of course, situational, but a reply or two per day on average is good enough.

6. It?s OK to schedule posts ? When you find a free 15 minutes to catch up on your blog reading and Twitter updates, it?s easy to tweet out content that you find useful or interesting all at once. But no one like to see 12 tweets in a row from one account. Use Buffer App instead to schedule your twitter content as you discover it, ensuring a level of activity throughout the day.

7. Optimize your Twitter bio ? You have 160 characters: Use it to make it easier for people to find and follow you. Growing your tribe leads to more meaningful and productive engagement and relationship building. Link to your blog, website, or LinkedIn profile.

8. Create Twitter lists ? Starting to follow too many people and can?t keep up with the speedy Twitter stream? Create Twitter lists ? public and private ? of your favorite Twitterers and view tweets from those lists only, when pressed for time.

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